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Interview with DeepHaven Founders

Interview with DeepHaven Founders

Query engine, APIs & user interfaces for modern real-time workloads.

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The founders of Deep Haven created the company to monetize technology from their previous company and diversify their capabilities in the capital markets. They found a gap in the market for a data system that met their needs, so they developed DeepHaven to provide a live data stack that integrates with Kafka and other data sources.

Deephaven Community Core is an open-source project that is a real-time, time-series, column-oriented analytics engine with relational database features. Queries can seamlessly operate upon both historical and real-time data. Deephaven includes an intuitive user experience and visualization tools. It can ingest data from a variety of sources, apply computation and analysis algorithms to that data, and build rich queries, dashboards, and representations with the results.

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